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Full Service Live In Care for Elderly Japanese Men & Women


Our Services include

Memory Care

Our Memory Care program is designed for seniors who are diagnosed of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or other recognized disorders that affect memory and cognitive functioning.

Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living program is designed to support our elder’s independence, in an environment that provides freedom, dignity, and privacy.

Short Term Stay / Respite

Our Respite program is designed to provide caregivers with the opportunity for a temporary rest from their duties while their loved ones continue to receive the care they require in a safe and warm community. This program allows seniors to enjoy the same services, amenities and remarkable care as our residents.

Hospice Care

Our Hospice Care program is available in our communities which includes specialized care for those approaching the end of life. This program benefits those with an underlying illness that is untreatable. Our goal is to keep the client comfortable, loved, emotional support, and spiritual guidance.






私たちの短期滞在プログラムは、介護者が安全で暖かい地域で必要なケアを受け続けている間、一時的に仕事を休む機会を提供するように設計されています。 このプログラムにより、高齢者は居住者と同じサービス、アメニティ、優れたケアを楽しむことができます。


私たちのホスピスケアプログラムは、終末期に近づいている人々のための専門的なケアを含む、私たちのコミュニティで利用可能です。 このプログラムは、治療不可能な基礎疾患を持つ人々に利益をもたらします。 私たちの目標は、クライアントを快適で、愛され、感情的にサポートされ、精神的に指導され続けることです。

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  • 経験豊富な介護者(在宅予定)
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